To All of the South 21’s Seafarer’s Families and Friends,

It is time to bid you Farewell….

From the Seafarer’s maiden voyage in the early 1980’s, till the present,

The USS Seafarer’s long voyage has been a very wonderful journey. It has

come time to leave this ship and step ashore for a while. Due to the Board of

Directors (my family and close friends) wishes, it has come to that time in life

when “ All Good Things “ must come to an end.

It is with a heavy heart and a whole lot of Praying that I have decided to

close the doors to the South 21 Seafarer after over 30 years of a wonderful


To our wonderful patrons of many years and to the most recent to grace the

doors of the Seafarer, a heart felt Thank you… Thank you for your business

and patronage through the years. Thank you for sharing your family’s meals,

birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, memorials, and

any occasion that brought you to the Seafarer. Thank you for sharing some of

life’s greatest moments, stories, and feelings with me and the staff here at the

Seafarer. So many wonderful Blessed experiences and moments have been

shared under the Seafarer’s roof.

Like the large bouncing and spouting Whale that blew his greeting bellows

for so many wonderful years, it’s time that we both go in for repairs for a


To Mrs. Donna, who came on board as Seafarer’s First staff member and

taken the very long voyage with me through our very many Blessed years.

Shane, who has put his heart and soul into the last twelve plus years of this

journey. To Trey, Toony, Cody, Becky, Jessica, Laura, Kelly and the many,

many most wonderful folks who manned the sails and helped keep the

USS Seafarer on her course, a very huge THANK YOU !!!!!!!

May God Bless One and All.

God Bless The United States.

P.S. The USS Seafarer will continue to sail till mid August, if the winds

will allow. We look forward to setting sail again, one day soon.

Go well and Sail well……

Chris and the Crew of the USS Seafarer.